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2018 Yeosu Academy of the Law of the Sea


27 August - 7 September 2018   Yeosu, Republic of Korea

The Yeosu Academy of the Law of the Sea is an initiative, as a part of the Yeosu Project that inherited the spirit of the EXPO 2012 Yeosu Korea as well as the Yeosu Declaration, which aims to provide education and training on ocean affairs to Developing States to cope with maritime challenges confronted by these States.


The Yeosu Academy offers a two-week program for staff of international organizations, government officials and researchers engaged in ocean policy-making, as well as professors or graduate students interested in ocean affairs from Developing States, inter alia, in the Asia-Pacific region. The Academy also intends to establish a close network among professionals and scholars in the field, thus seeking a variety of cooperative methods such as the development of intergovernmental policies. Through this program, participants will be able to learn and understand the modern law of the sea and critical international and regional ocean-related issues.



The Korea Maritime Institute will serve as a Secretariat. If you have any questions, feel free to contact:

Mr. SHIN Su-hwan
Senior Researcher, KMI
Tel. 82-51-797-4764
Ms. KIM Min
Researcher, KMI
Tel. 82-51-797-4798



26, Haeyang-ro 301beon-gil, Yeongdo-gu, Busan, 606-080,Korea
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